Hannity: Narrative is more important than truth to liberal media


Hannity basically goes unhinged. He’s had enough. He wants out of the matrix.

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He is not wrong


Hannity, while correct on this point,has some cheek. He’s been the poster boy and drummer boy for Republican crazy for 25 years. he’s defended almost every single insane thing they’ve done.


Yeah, you never see any of that from the left. Bunch of straight shooters, if I ever saw them.

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A common tactic from the left is to attack the person and not the subject. He is right about this.

Instead of attacking the topic you will only see attacking the person. Even many that agree will still bash the person more then agree on the topic.


I can’t stand Hannity but he’s spot on here.

as opposed to the sane things the left do???


Who says the left doesn’t do insane things. This is one of the privileges of not holding a political position I can criticise both sides for their nonsense. Plus, I’m Irish, so I really have no play in this game.

Hannity = Maddow

Hannity is not wrong but I have not seen any political faction or media outlet on earth that this does not apply to.

With the current American left, it’s on steroids.