Hannity or Kimmel

who ya got?

I’m shocked that Kimmel turned into such a fucking Homo… I’m no hannity lover either but at least he isnt a pussy.

i’m not a fan of cancel culture, but even more shocking is Kimmel gets a pass on his previous comedic skits and comments.

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Kimmel will probably go twice as hard on Hannity now…lol

I think Hannity takes it by way of rear naked choke.

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Ted cruz beat Kimmel in bball so I go with Hannity.


Sad how bad the “tonight show” or “late night” talk shows have fallen off

Carson was great. Letterman was good
Leno was good. I liked Conan

Kimmel & Corbert are such fags !


If they actually fought? - Kimmel wipes the floor with him

He doesn’t talk about it much, but Hannity trains BJJ/MMA. He’s more of a quiet warrior.


what about in a War of Words… Kimmel is on ABC with Disney behind him… hannity on Fox NC and currently the biggest radio personality.

if the mud slinging starts… who wins?


Hannity is no fighter, but at least he tranes.

He would beat Kimmel’s ass, and I would love to see it.

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““He doesn’t talk about it much””

I see what you did there.



The fans

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Two conceited, obnoxious, smug, wealthy douchebags who think that their opinions are important because they’re rich.

They desperately try to hold on to some kind of “common man” identity while traveling the world.

For what it’s worth, I applaud them both for succeeding in the entertainment industry, I just think they’re assholes.

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I have no idea who I think would win in a fight, but I do know I can not stand Jimmy Kimmel.

I think his whole nice guy gimmick is total bullshit. I think he panders to black dudes with his NBA shit, and kisses women’s ass because he’s still in love with Sarah Silverman.

Hannity, on the other hand says a ton of shit I do not agree with, but I think for the most part he is sincere in his beliefs. I think he can be a baby at times too, but he doesn’t pander to “woke” culture to protect himself.

So if in a fight, I’d root for Hannity to beat the shit out Kimmel. Fuck that faggot.


Hate them both. Hate Kimmel the most out of the two though. Man Show Kimmel was funny. Late night talk show Kimmel is a crying faggot.

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Kimmel wins by turning into gelatinous ooze and penetrating the cracks in the floorboard. Hannity stares in disbelief.

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Hannity wins. Words or fists. Hannity has 4hrs a day to hammer on Kimmel. Kimmel can go after Hannity for 5 minutes a day, tops.

Hannity is bigger, in better shape, and even though he sucks, he still trains.

Hannity just seems so angry inside. The rage combined with his high blood pressure and smoking, makes him a 30 second cardiac arrest ko.