Happiness is the canticle of the hours with which God smoothes down the passage through the world for you.

Everywhere flowers unfold by virtue of the smiles of nature, and the wind combs the hair of the countryside with the music of a lullaby.

The water of the spring is liquefied affection in the heart of the earth and the very grain of sand, flooded with sunlight is a message of happiness to be spoken to you by the plain.

Do not, therefore, allow your difficulty to become depressing sadness in others.

Even though all may seem to conspire against the happiness you hope for, lift up your eyes to the smiling face of life which surrounds you and stimulate happiness wherever you may go.

Bless and always help, even amidst tears.

The rose exhales its perfume over the claw of its thorns and the dawn generously waits until the night ends, to renew itself daily in a feast of love and light.


What the heck is a "canticle"?

Sorry, that's as far as I got... that word stumped me.


Quick definitions (canticle)

noun: a hymn derived from the Bible

LOL Thanks! :-)