Happy 2007 Redridge!

From the ALM stealth-ganking crew...

left to right: Machiavelle, Demundus, Shoppingcart (bait-boy), Theseanster, Enci, Stevew, Bugar (missing)


Azshara seems perfect just because of the remoteness factor

I just farm in azshara, don't gank there. WPL is fun though.

Some UD mage was terrorizing lowbies in RR all day yesterday...needless to say when I arrived i camped his UD ass for a solid hour. He was very persistent, which lead to many many deaths

An undead mage can't sleep your pet or stunlock and crit you until you are pulverized into little, tiny chunks of hunter meat and then cannibalized.

Im gonna have fun with that druid...natureboy


that would be a beautiful thing. Dead ALM is a dream we all share.

lol dlondo seriously transfer

Im gonna have fun with that druid...natureboy

Yes, you should try to snare me. Druids are easily snared.