Happy 20th anniversary of The shins debut album

That and The Strokes debut album came out a month apart. Feel like that was a turning point year are far as music and sound went. The shins bringing back that beach boys sound and the strokes, as manufactured as they were, kicking in that old NYC sound to the somewhat mainstream

Natalie knew

I didn’t pay much attention to The Shins back then but man do they sound really derivative of late 60s rock. The Strokes on the other hand have a unique sound to me.

The shins really grew their sound after that album and didn’t try to sound so retro

And the two albums he made with DangerMouse are great.

This reminds me of Elliott Smith.

Same. I remember The Strokes but not The Shins.

Crazy how hyped the strokes were before most anyone heard them. Still kick myself cause they played a smaller club here for like 10 bucks before this is it came out and the local magazine was like you better go see them now cause they are gonna be huge next time they come back

This also turned 20 in March . One of the beat solo artist debut albums ever. He completely unloaded his life’s worth of talent on it and never put out anything remotely close after