Happy 21st birthday UFC!

Saw it live at a friends house. Been boxing with a single glove ever since. Phone Post 3.0

UFC 8 with my step dad and his oilfield buddies haha. My god those elbows.. Phone Post 3.0

I heard about UFC 1 and saw UFC 2 and have been hooked ever since

UFC 1.

I had seen the ads in black belt and there had been a lot of these things, mostly in the 70s, so I was kind of excited, but not like it was anything brand new. A friend had a condo with a big TV so we all went over. She popped for the $14.95.

I kinda thought Teila Tuli would win. First fight dispelled that.

Rest of it is a blur, but everyone was impressive in their way. Immediately bought Rorion tapes and started learning but thought that the guard passing stuff was a waste of time. After all, who knows this guard thing? Nobody.

Sweet, let's finally go to the bar.

UFC 3 when my dad's friend recorded it on a VHS tape from an American dish, and my dad brought it home for me to watch. Phone Post 3.0

Watched UFC 1 with some fellow TMA'ers. We all laughed at how clueless everyone was and how we would never be taken down. lol at this Gracie dude and those ridiculous looking kicks, he's 'bout to get killed. And so on... :)

I was almost 4 years old! Phone Post 3.0

Righthook Ftw - I was only 1 when it started. Watched UFC 1 a few years later and loved it.
Me too. I watched ufc 1 right after tuf 15 started at my buddies house.

Got into tuf because I worked with justin lawrence's aunt and uncle and his uncle would always talk about it. Finally got me to promise to watch and only missed one or two cards since. Phone Post 3.0

Watched the first one live on PPV.  I remember leading up to the event my dad and I had order the PPV's for the Toughman Challenge, UWFI Shootfighting, and Sabaki Challenge in the months before the event and each time, I thought "Wow, this is going to be real fighting" before the event started, then thought "That was not a real fight" afterward. 

Reading about the UFC in all the magazines, I was thinking I would likely come away feeling the same after that event (although I knew about the Gracies and that gave me hope that this would be real.) 

I remember with 100% clarity the moment the first fight started and Tuli got his face kicked in...I think I stared in shock @ the TV for like 30 seconds before saying anything. 

I bought the Gracie tapes the next day and was training in my basement like crazy.


I saw 1 - 5 via a borrowed VHS In late 1995. I won't lie after Shamrock vs Gracie 2 I was done. That fight ruined me.

In 2004 I rented a bunch from Blockbuster since they were near the Kung Fu movies. I was hooked. I signed up for BJJ shortly after and fought for the first time in 2006. Phone Post 3.0

They were advertising UFC 1 pretty heavily on Time Warner cable the week before the event. I was like, can this really be possible? I had a feeling it was bs but took a chance and bought the PPV. When Tuli's tooth came flying out of his mouth, I was like, holy shit, they weren't lying.

I thought Art Jimmerson was going to knock everyone out.

Saw it on ppv and Royce blew my mind!

I was like, holy crap he didn't even take a punch! Phone Post

Happy birthday UFC. I won't allow gifs! I love you.



Kinda Phone Post 3.0

Lets get the ufc drunk! Phone Post 3.0

I miss that feeling of not knowing what the fuck is going to happen and being incredulous that such an event could even be filmed. I'll never forget those Pat Smith elbows from UFC 2.

Search function. Phone Post 3.0

started UFC with TUF10....

He'll yes! I was 22 years old. Watching on a PPV descrambler box in my buddies basement. Eating Gordettos, Doritos, Hershey bars with peanut butter, and drinking 40's of Old E.
Was a great (and pivotal) night. Phone Post 3.0

UFC 43. Phone Post 3.0