Happy 239th, Devil Dogs

Yuuuuuuuuuuuut. Come forth devils. Happy birthday.

Message from CMC.

Kill Phone Post 3.0

Happy bday motivators, kill! Phone Post 3.0

I'm not a marine, but happy birthday fellas

Yutttt Killl...

Happy Birthday fellow Teufels...


now get some!

Happy Bday Studs!! Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday!!! Phone Post 3.0

Happy birthday Marines!!!!!!! Time for some day-drinking. Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday Gents. Long live the Corps and its Marines.

Master Sergeant J. Phone Post 3.0

Buddy & employee of mine was Force Recon in Viet Nam, and went on to finish his 20 in the National Guard. Naturally, he still identifies with the Marines over the Army.

He always takes this day off and attends a birthday lunch in Boston.

For him, and all the rest of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, happy birthday and thank you for your service.

What were your MOS's gents?

0341 here

0311 (i made it) Phone Post 3.0


P.S. Happy Birthday gents Phone Post 3.0

Happy birthday, puppy throwers!

1st Bn 1st MAR

Gung ho Phone Post 3.0

Oh and 2nd laad btn 2nd maw Phone Post 3.0

Happy birthday, shower shoes Phone Post 3.0