Happy 29th Birthday Brent Beauparlant

he doesn't look a day over 37...or act a day over 21...so I averaged out the two...Happy Birthday playboy....your wife.

TTT Happy B-Day!

Hope you get to punch someone like this for your birthday.


TTT for a good Birthday

Glad to see I'm not the only one holding on to 29 with a white knuckle grip!

Happy Birthday, Big Man! Give the kids a shake for me!


PS: Funny thing -- I just saw pics of Brent in a book I bought on Warrior Training, from one of the trainers of the IFL. Brent = Celebrity!

This is a great year to turn 29: Rashad Evans did so on September 25th, Gerald Harris did so on November 19th, and Seth Petruzelli will do so on December 3rd.

With that in mind, Happy Birthday Brent!