Happy and Sad about Ufc 51

So many great things happened that night. Andrei was awesome and suprised many i'd say. Great that he is an Interim Champ and will give Mir all that he can handle I'd suspect.
EVAN TANNER. The people I was watching with had no idea why I was SO HAPPY that Evan won. I tried to tell them about him always being the underdog and lots of people saying he was in over his head. IT was such a great way to win for Evan. Escape a thunderous submission and pummel his opponent for a stoppage. did anyone notice how Evan would do little things with this legs and arms to keep terrel down. Awesome job Tanner.
Sadly, Vitor lost although I don't think he should have. I give major props actually to ortiz who weathered some injuries and finished the fight out. I was hopeing for a draw and another round. But I just hate it that Vitor lost that fight. I thought he did what he said he was gonna do and strike and pressure ortiz.
Maybe we will see Vitor in Pride again??

just my dos centos... ( I don't speak spanish)