Today David Aguzzi turns 18 so tonight we're gonna have to get him drunk and take him to some of Montreal's world renowned T-bars.... an experience he wont forget. And ofcourse we will have to give him a nice special training tonight that he wont forget for a long time either. ;) Kudos bro!

p.s. yesterday was BJ Penn's B-day.... coincidence????


happy b-day none-the-less......

Happy B-Day Aguzzi!


I can't recall my 18th b-day. But my friends say I had a great time.

congrats and enjoy aguzzi

Happy birthday!

Happy B-Day Aguzzi! Enjoy the day man.

Happy birthday maaaaaaaang,

                       continue your good work. No more teens divisions for you anyway...oh yeah...true, you're kickin' some adult's asss anyway.

Happy birthday bro,

Ben from Tristar

Congrats and happy B-day!


Happy birthday my man.

Happy B Day David!

Thanks Guys

You mean the daily rapings he's subjected to in class are no longer illegal?!!?!

Wooo hoo!

Happy birthday, Dave! 16 more and you'll be old like me and bragging about the beating you're putting on the young lads!


Happy B-Day ,you triangle happy bastard

Tony ,

happy belated b-day man!

Aguzzi's triangle with be rendered useless against Le SuperSexe-jitsu!!!
Happy Birthday man.

Congrats Dave

now you're old and fat!!!!

welcome to the club.

happy belated birthday.