Happy B-day Anderson!

Today's Anderson's 33th birthday! We, from Team Nogueira, wish him a HAPPY birthday! We love you man!

Happy Birthday to the #1 Pound for Pound fighter on earth!

 You're a beast Anderson....Happy Birthday man!

Happy Birthday Anderson, what a fantastic fighter.



Happy Birthday!

Happy B Day

Happy Birthday to Silva!

Who is this Team Nog KKM ? Just curious, huge fan, glad your here, whoever you may be !

Happy Birthday Anderson

Happy B Day

woop Okamis ass [assuming that is his next fight]

now who is man enough to give Anderson his birthday punches?

i don't know how to post a video, i guess is too long, but go to youtube and type Minotauro Nogueira and look for the video "Minotauro Nogueira School in West Palm Beach, FL"That's me, Wald, their cousin and training partner that runs our Academy in West Palm Beach.