Happy B-day To My Hero Mike Lee

I don't have an editor at the moment because I'm a scummy mudnamer... so no fancy pics for you this time Mike.

But have an awesome birthday buddy... you old man!

LOL, thanks man. Yes I am indeed old and promise to cherish this last year of my 20's.  But come on... what's this thread with out pics?  I will be going to Gainesville tonight for the 3 day long party. Ill see if I can put up some good ones when I get back.

Knowing you, I'm sure those pics will be priceless. As for my pics... once I renew my blue status, I'll throw something on here for you.

Have fun and be safe in G-ville.

Happy B Day Mike

mike, happy b-day! 40 right?

I am almost there myself!


Happy Birthday Mike!!!

I feel like such a dick. I called Mike today trying to do some factfinding and all into my own shi*.

Mike, as usual, said he would help however he could and at the end of the conversation he mentioned it was his birthday. It was like, oh yeah BTW Happy Birthday. I also asked if he was turning 31, j/k of course.

Mike, hope you have a great weekend and I wish I was partying with yah...

I think it means "Romo"

Happy Birthday Mike. Give me a shout if you are in Sarasota.

Gordon Hester

That sux for you MIKEY Lee, hope you have many more happy and full of health to come.


Getting old brother, getting old.