nothing more american than a little T&A..Happy B-day USA

Happy 4th of July to you all.

P.S. I heard that we threw that fight anyway ;)

Works were happening long before Pride.

poor bloody septics

civil war




yeah, great place to live.

Yeah freedom really sucks Gutless

lmao....send some more troops over to keep that gasoline cheap boys!

earth to mekong, you guys are the terrorists!

home of the brave, land of the free (but only if george says you can do it, otherwise he will sensor it and write it off as propaganda)

nothing. He has no answer because there is none. Oh, well, we cannot have automatic weapons, but that's because of the Clinton administration. I forgot.

We have lost no freedom, there is very little censorship. Actually, the only thing that is censored out is extreme language and nudity, and that's only on primary cable. Anybody wanting those things can buy premium cable, satellite, or just hop on the net. So basically, we are totally free.

Man, it really DOES suck to be American.

try travelling to a different country and watch the 'world' news guys!!!


lol @ travenbjj. That made me laugh.

Seriously, besides a few oppressed countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, France, Venezuela, Cuba, Denmark, I don't have a problem with any other country!! Americans love other countries!! Countries that are free that is.

Denmark was just a joke btw. France wasn't. They surrender too much.

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lmao....send some more troops over to keep that gasoline cheap boys!

You are pretty fucking stupid if you think that increased military activity and conflict in the middle east decreases the price of oil.

sorry if it sounds harsh machinemg, can you provide a better explanation?

oh, i get it.
what if i had said

way to guarentee a good supply of gasoline for the next 50 years then?

lmao at everyone hates a winner


and soon to be iran!


Its tragic that what eric says is true.

This eric character, a clever fellow, who has obviously given this subject thought. I agree with what he says and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

To the guy who wants to know what you can't do, can you swear on TV yet? How about firing someone who works for you? What if you spill mcdonalds coffee on yourself and it burns you, can you then sue macdonalds because they didnt tell you it was going to be hot? Cos you wouldnt have spilled it on yourself if you'd known THAT...

As the USA goes the world goes, don't hate, it is your future as well.

Gutless: we did not lose in Iraq or Afghanistan. We took care of business pretty quickly in the beginning. The problem is, we didn't finish the opponent, thus the reason we are having problems now. That, and the fact that the Middle East (excluding Israel) is incapable of having a civilized society. It's in their blood and in much of their religion to hate and kill. If you argue that point, I ask you to look at the history books. That's something our government will not take into consideration, because it's not "politically correct" to think or say such things, and if you do, you'll have the entire liberal clan and media and all the civil rights groups on your door step, not to mention the death warrants issued by insane Imams.

As wrong as it may sound, I understand why Germany, China, Russia control(ed) their news agencies. Our media has been our biggest enemy the last few years. If they really want to help, they should shut up and get the heck out of the war zone instead of adding extra risk. I've never in my life heard of the things our media has done during this war. Before it even began, every major news channel had their own retired general on there with a map of that region showing where we would most likely come in at, what our strategy was going to be...what in the heck?? Shut up already! While your at it, why don't you go ahead and divulge the names of our undercover opperatives and their locations and how they are going to attack behind enemy lines while your at it!

Media has great power over the masses. It can be used to manipulate the hearts and minds of the people. Unfortunately, our media has been against the troops the whole time. Otherwise, they would try to report some of the good things that are going on over there, rather than the latest troop death count, the alleged failed troop surge, yadda yadda yadda.

Americans are way to soft. Much of the population lacks a backbone. Sure we got bold after we were attacked on 9/11. But people are fickle, they forget too quickly. And sadly I believe it's going to take another such attack to wake people up. Americas love for wealth and pleasure and entertainment has underminded her civic duties. Even still, we are stronger than any of our allies. Britian sadly is being invaded by muslims and lacks any real foreign policy or backbone when it comes to facing down rogue terrorist nations like Iran, due to that large muslim population. France and Germany were already exposed as having close secret ties with Saddam and his regime. Russia is helpin Iran with it's nuke program so we can't rely on them. And the other countries in the middle east (excluding Israel)...how can you tell if they are lying or telling the truth? They turn on each other so often. The only way they will really unite is when it's against two common enemies: the west (mainly the United States), and Israel. The only two nations who staunchly oppose the terrorist and criminal behavior of these countries, and the only two countries with enough guts to do something about it without waiting for someone else to get it started.

People can call us a terrorist nation all they want, but the facts will speak for themselves. Yeah, go ahead and say 300,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the US started fighting there. News flash, that was the norm under Saddam. And you forget to add something. How many of those were killed by their own people, like through suicide bombings, outright murder, etc? The vast majority of those deaths is the answer. War is hell, and unfortunately you will have casualties. It's a grim fact that you have to accept. The United States is not a terrorist nation. By that same logic, England, France, and most other European nations are as well, only worse. Their history is far more violent than ours is. The fact is, we give multiplied BILLIONS of dollars in charity, aid, and relief to many countries that are impoverished. If a disaster strikes some place in the world, either we are there lending support, or we are sending huge amounts of food and supplies to help out. When was the last time Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan sent peace keeping troops or support any where? How about supplies, money? I'd like someone to try and find an answer to that and then compare it with what we do as a nation.

It's the height of retardation to say some of the things you people say about this nation on here. Yes it has plenty of faults, just like anyone elses nation. But the fact is, without us, there would be no you in all likely hood.

In regards to oil, we have enough oil here in the US to easily sustain us, if only politicians would let us tap into it. And we are working on alternative fuels. Of course, the rest of the world gets upset about that, because it's going to shoot the price of corn through the roof. What are the poor going to do?

I second travenbjjs statement: How about they get off their butts and quit complaining about how no one throws free stuff their way, and actually do something to improve themselves?? There have been so many people that went from nothing to being extremely rich, all because they didn't sit around and whine about how bad the health care system supposedly is, or about how they didn't get enough in food stamps, but instead went and took advantage of every opportunity they were presented, and turned that into their benefit. I'm sorry, I have no respect for people who sit around and hold signs asking for money. You know why? Because you can almost always find a fast food joint or gas station or someplace that is hiring, and that's a start. Lazy people complain about not getting enough welfare. I believe the only people who should really get welfare are elderly people and people who have an illness that prevents them from earning a living. The rest of these people are mostly just freeloaders. And how do I know this? For one, I live in a very big welfare state, West Viriginia, and I come into contact with many people that fall in this category that are perfectly capable of working, but don't. They collect welfare every month. And the funny thing is, if you go to their apartments, they have big screen tv's, nice clothes, a decent car. I kid you not, there is a lot of this crap going on. It's out of control here. Oh, the other reason is, I have family and friends that work/did work as welfare officers. So first hand accounts here people.

You are responsible to earn a living for yourself, to provide for your family. No one else owes you anything. I'm tired of people thinking we owe them something, that society owes them something. Get over yourselves!

ericbarbaric: I like those quotes and have many of them, but disagree with much of what you say. But hey, we live in America (I assume you do anyway) so we can do that here. America is not gone. It has changed much, but that's how the people wanted it. The originally America was founded on Godly and Biblical principles, and when that is taken away, things will change. And they started changing as soon as God was removed from our system of government, despite the fact that there is nothing listed in our original documents about there being a seperation of church and state. But I digress.

What are you trying to say here?

"Thanks to everyone who sold out our democratic militia to a imperial military industrial complex" What exactly is an imperial military industrial complex? Please describe.

In regards to what benefits, okay, I'll tell you. Thanks to my government, when I graduated high school with a high GPA, I received a scholarship that paid for my entire college education at any school in the state, and as there are some very good schools here in state, this was an excellent benefit. That's not one year, that's my entire education. Also, thanks to my government, there is rule of law that keeps me safe. If someone breaks the law, they are punished accordingly. Of course there are imperfections in the system, but by and large, things are great. I live in a peaceful city where crime is kept low. Also my government provides home land security. In our entire existence (exluding the wars with the British) we have only been attacked twice on home soil by foreign enemies. That's pretty stinkin good! Take away our military, cut its funding any further, and see if that remains the case. Thanks to my government, I have the power along with every legal citizen to vote in officials that stand for what I believe. These officials are elected representatives, not political appointees. Therefore, we get equal representation.

Need I go on?

And what poor exactly are dying for freedom? News for you: Our military is all volunteer. No conscription. No one joined because they had to, all joined with full knowledge that they were going into the military and would most likely or almost certainly see combat. Did that stop them? No, it didn't. And poor? I beg to differ. I know many people that have joined up these last few years who had a very nice lifestyle, very comfortable. They were good students in school, could have earned a degree and had a high paying job in all likelyhood. But they had a desire to serve their country. I will not cheapen their sacrifices by trashing them or calling them poor, because I know this is not the case. In fact, all of these military people are a lot better off than I am financially, because the military is paying top dollar for soldiers. I know because my brother was in for around 8 years and helps recruit people to join up. Also, please share what Constitutional rights are being eroded?

casalex: I don't know who your post is directed to, and the second paragraph doesn't make much sense. Yes, you can swear on tv, unless it's the f-bomb. You are more than welcome to fire someone who works for you, especially if it's at will employment. That happened to me recently. I worked at Circuit City for a little under five years. Then they called me in one day not long ago, told me I no longer had a job, because the company was terminating 3,400 employees who were making more money than they should have been making, and were replacing them with lower paid people. I didn't know I was making too much money. I had always worked really hard, had earned raises and all my managers knew I was a hard worker. Sucks, but it worked out nice for me. I don't complain, I don't blame the government. It's Circuit City's fault for not managing itself better over the years. Places like Best Buy and Walmart are eating it's lunch. The government isn't to blame, it's just capitalism and consumerism at work.