Happy birthday, Art Jimmerson!

Arthur Jimmerson is an American retired boxer & mixed martial artist who competed at super middleweight, light heavyweight, and cruiserweight. As an amateur, Jimmerson was the 1983 National Golden Gloves Middleweight champion. He finished his boxing career in 2002, with a record of 33–18.

Born: 4 August 1963 (age 59 years), St. Louis, Missouri, United States

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Happy Birthday! :boxing_glove:

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According to wiki!

Art jimmerson is a really nice dude. For some reason I’ve forgotten I’m friends with him on Facebook and chat sometimes.

I think I got him to create an account here a few years ago…?

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youre asking us to confirm(?)

I don’t know, am I?

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Not an impressive record but he was a decent journeyman boxer who fought for 17 years & faced 7 world champions. And the vast majority of those 18 losses took place during the last few years of his career when he was well past his prime. Plus he had the balls to fight in two mixed fights during his career. Unfortunately for him, he seemed pretty clueless in both as in June of 1987 he faced Don “The Dragon” Wilson in a kickboxer vs boxer match & after being battered by Wilson’s leg kicks for several rounds he was stopped in the 6th round. Then, in his most (in)famous bout he faced Royce Gracie while sporting a single boxing glove in UFC 1 in November of 1993. After being taken down & mounted by Gracie he tapped out.

Art does have an account here.

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Art is the founder of the “Quick Tap Club”

I thought it would be better.

That sure looked like Lenny LaPaglia took a dive. I have never seen a boxer put his hands down at his sides and take multiple shots TWO OR THREE times during a fight. It looked like LaPaglia needed Jimmerson to win.

No, sir. That was no dive. That’s just how LaPaglia fought his entire career. I saw him fight several times & he was dangerous as hell with excellent power ( he won via KO in 33 of his 36 victories ) but he had no defense whatsoever & his conditioning, heart & chin were questionable. Sometimes he’d fight his heart out in tough fights with good fighters like John Collins & Doug DeWitt ( both of whom he took 10 full rounds ) then he’d fold like a tomato can vs clubfighters with losing records like Danny Blake who KO’d him twice. He was a headcase. Apparently, he lived a rather wild life in the streets of the Chicago suburb of Melrose Park before he died at home in 2013 at just 53.

The only fight I watched of his was vs. John Collins. That was a fucking war. It was at the UIC Pavilion on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I watched in on TV when I was a sophomore in high school. I was cheering for John Collins.

That being said, that still looked like a dive to me.
BTW, Andrew Golota took a dive vs. Riddick Bowe.

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