Happy birthday, Autumn Reeser!

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Fun fact: she is Mac's anti abortion gf in one early episode of Always Sunny. Hot as fuck





southcraw -

In, who dis is

She was on The OC show years ago. 

True story… 18 years ago I was working at this little businees in West Hollywood and they hired a new receptionist and it was her. She was the typical “wants to act” chick.

funny thing is there were like 5 other “actresses” in the office that the owner, who was an actress too, NEVER encouraged. But as soon as the owner found out Autumn wanted to be an actress she told her, “Your gonna work… A lot” and helped her meet people.

I recall that sll the other pseudo-actresses got really pissed.

Anyway, a year later she was in the Brady Bunch Movie sequel and all kinds of stuff. --Definitely worked out for her.

True story.

Cool story! I used to work for her dad back in the mid 90s. Great guy and amazing family. Glad she got her shot.