Happy birthday, Brooke Burke!

Family member married into the burke family. Posted up and talked with her for a bit at the wedding. Very nice and prettier in person.


used to talk to her all the time at golds. very friendly , nice, but a gold digging whore. a friend of a friend was engage to her. multi millionaire. he walked in on her fucking a black guy (photographer) in their bed

she took his couple 100k engagement ring when she left

there was a article about how many dudes she got a ring from a left

Well she was married to david charvet for a long time. Who was also a complete fucking douchebag. Knowing this info……i should have tried to fuck her in front of him.


YEARS before charvet, like 10 or more. before she was on e tv. i’m talk very early 90s. fredricks of hollywood days

Niggie u old

I recall she did some nudes and still had full bush well into the 2000s. Cute girl but have to take away points for that.

She’s only 50?

In her day one of the GOATs.

Wasn’t she married to a plastic surgeon? Dude couldn’t buy her an ass?


Dr Garth - he i I are eskimo brother…