Happy birthday, Brooke Hogan!

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Built for it



How much u think Hogan blew on that nowhere music career? Gotta be in the millions.

In. What is she doing now?

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Her face has some odd qualities at times. I don’t know what it is.

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Dude was in a good place before he tried turning his family into celebrities and completely fucked himself and it was all 100% deserved and self inflicted. I’m sure so many guys he fucked over and stepped on in the past loved watching his public demise lol.

It’s just unfortunate that kid his son crashed with is a vegetable though I guess his family is fortunate it happened with a rich kid vs some random broke idiot if there’s any silver lining. I mean there is some assumed risk street racing with your drunk friend in his super car his dad bought.

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Wood…in the butt chin

If we did role play it would start with me walking in on her masturbating and she would have to say “Let me tell you something step-brother”.