And thank you for this!


Happy Birthday Dennis.... But ummm BEEP on the picture

 and this...

Happy birthday!  Bumblebee tuna!

 Happy birthday - I edited out the BS I posted this morning before I had coffee and was cranky. Have a good one!


 Not cool. NO fighter bashing!

on the contrary dear sir. I only wish the best for Mr. Hallman

Happy Birthday Dennis the Ballman Hallman!

 Happy Birthday!

I hope someone gets you some board-shorts!

 Pennis Ballman imo.

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday superman! Phone Post

 Happy Birthday Superman!


 How old are Dennis and his balls today anyway?

HB Superman.

 i got you some shaving gel and a MACH 36 razor. it has 36 blades to get a closer shave on your small parts.