Happy birthday, Erin Moriarty!


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She had a cute chubby face and did whatever weird surgery celebrities are getting that makes their cheekbones stick out.

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it’s actually referred to as “filler”. the problem is that many women (mostly) think that if a little is good then a lot should be great. not true at all. It’s why women like Courtney cox look like they have deep set squinty eyes. The doctor used too much filler in her cheeks. Erin Moriarty also had a less than perfect nose job. Instead of subtle and natural she opted for the pencil thin nose bone because women think the button nose look is cute right now. It fucking sucks. Next up… big carp lips.


Only 28 and already turning into a plastic queen!

The tiny titted avenger

this is a great face

Was wondering if it was gonna be her thread

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“Give me the Willem Dafoe!”