Happy birthday, Gerard Gordeau!

You’re right, this is a sort of a bad thread now that I look at it.

Interestingly according to wikipedia, in 2019, Gordeau revealed that he and Nakai had privately talked about it, and that Nakai had accepted his apologies and no longer harbored any ill feelings. Gordeau also praised Nakai’s fighting spirit during the bout.

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I was unaware of this. That’s kinda cool

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Nakai can forgive him but I say fuck him.

If I recall correctly, Gordeau’s explanation/attempt to justify his actions against Nakai was that he gouged his eyes so he wouldn’t have to hurt him worse later in the fight. Delusional, sick idiot. And he still lost the fight.

As for his actions at UFC 1, he just said something like “The posters and flyers said “There are no rules,” so what was I supposed to do?”

Is there something the character of the Dutch people that produced so many dirty fighters back in the day? In addition to Gordeau, there was Rene Rooze who was pretty much a psychopath, there was “Dirty” Bob Schrijber whose nickname didn’t come out of thin air, and of course there was Gilbert Yvel and all the shit he pulled. There’s more that I can’t quite think of right now. I remember in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, it seemed like whenever someone got disqualified for some dodgy shit, chances are it was a Dutchman.

Afrikaners? Hello?