Happy birthday, Jennifer Garner!

Those lips were made for something…

Wife material 

Lips and dimples melt me, love her, Ben is a fool!

She’s very meh

Ben Affleck is a dumb@$$

She's a beauty! 

Didn’t realize she’s 48.  She looks amazing

That is a very attractive lady...

Ben was most successful when married to her and was in good standing with her. What an f'ing idiot. 

She kicked his ass in that Daredevil thing he was in. A women you want to nail and seems like you would want to marry...

Sooooo hot 

Always liked her. Vu

I would make coffee for her every morning.

I'm a sucker for a pretty face and therefore, I am out. 

Shes my #1.

Any nudes ever leak?

More please