Happy birthday, Jennifer Garner!

I thought most people didn't like her and thought her looks were overrated. I'm surprised to see so many here like her.

I've always had a thing for her and her resting bitch face. 

I didn't expect her to be 48, good for her

She has a magical hold over me...maybe it because I’m a sucker for women that are aging well...but she’s been on my list since, maybe before “Dude, Where’s my car”

She doesnt have the best genetics as far as body shape goes but she is never out of shape.

Pretty much near maxed out potential at a 7 or an 8

she is just silly sexy...

Always liked her. She’s gorgeous as fuck in those credit card commercials. 

I’d go coal miner deep in her.

She’s lovely!

Yep, she does it for me.

She never really did it for me, then I saw her in a movie a few years ago and she was pretty hot in it.

Always had a bit of a thing for her - LOVED her in Alias.

To me, she was always one of those really pretty women that still had a “girl next door” look about her - which totally does it for me.

Dat jaw doe… My man Ben could have done MUCH better… But to each his own…

She was actually quite good in Peppermint.

I bet she thinks cum is gross.....or the exact opposite 

no in between 

camicom - 

She was actually quite good in Peppermint.

That’s a great movie.

I also use it as the perfect example as why new properties/ characters should be created instead of just switching insert character here to woman / gay / POC / whatever.

Because Peppermint’s story was basically just a female Punisher…but they created something new instead of calling her “Francis Castle”.

I’ll always be a fan of that movie just for that fact alone.