Happy birthday, Julia Louis Dreyfus!

She got more beautiful with age IMO.

her family is rothschild like. big name in france going way back.

"By the early 20th century, the Louis-Dreyfus family was described as one of the “five great fortunes of France.”

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not bad for a billionaire actress. She could def get it.

Me either. But i did after i heard her on Bill Simmons podcast. She was insanely liberal and delusional. She acted like she was self made. Her family was never mentioned. Still like her tho but she was insane when she had to talk about politics or even normal day to day opinions of most people. She’s definitely never lived without servants


Self made to a rich person means not entering the family business. lol


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Dumb bitch and not attractive.

I dont know about politically, but she is apparently very conservative in the sense that she thinks her part on Seinfeld was too risque or off-color and wont let her kids see the show, or wouldnt when they were young, I guess, which is kind of refreshing compared to today’s newer actors that think their kids should be exposed to everything and choose their own gender.

I guess I dont really see her as physically attractive by tv standards, but she is “attractive for a comedienne”, reminds me of a Gilda Radner or Joan Rivers, but not quite up to the level of Madeleine Khan or Terry Garr.

I never appreciated her when I was younger. Watching Seinfeld now I have to say she’s the best character and actor on the show. And that’s saying something as I love George.

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Her sense of humor makes her more attractive. Love chicks that can make me laugh

Thats gay. Men are supposed to be the ones that make women laugh. Its one of the reasons women arent naturally funny.

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