Happy birthday, Katee Sackhoff!

Did you just call Cameron Diaz a 9 ?

Red Dougie just got here from 1994. He needs time to adjust to 2021.

She is, but I can’t help but see the tragedy behind the strong facade.
A girl in Hollywood enjoys audience pull as long as she’s attractive. We love pretty girls! Often, they don’t even have to be able to act. But attractiveness is bound to fertility and a smile from a pretty girl is at its core a silent promise for healthy offspring.
Miss Sackhoff has to look perpetually young, attractive and fertile without ever fulfilling the promise.
Actresses hitting the wall are sad creatures, overachieving admiration from tens of thousands of fans while underachieving what makes them truly happy.

I’m a Nexus being. I exist on a 1-10 scale beyond time.

She’s a 6 with makeup and combed hair. Otherwise she’s a solid 5.

Not bad I guess. Wood bang but probably woodn’t bang me.

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I’m ready for some sackoff,

lmao truth

I’ve always thought she looked like she has BO

I’d still shag her tho