Happy Birthday Ken Shamrock

Kenneth Wayne Shamrock Born Feb. 11th 1964. Hope you live a long healthy life before the inevitable living death occurs. Good lookin out bruh.

No way was he born in 46.


 Here's to Ken...Happy Birthday

Haapy Birthday kid!


 Happy Birthday Champ.



 Petey, my youth!

Happy birthday Ken, your birthday will be celebrated on the internet and websites all over the world. The sport wouldn't be what it is without who Ken Shamrock was, is and is now.

When Ken wore the purple cape he was unbeatable.

In all seriousness he doesn't get enough respect these days, the guy was a monster in the mid to late 90s. happy bday Ken!

Purple Cape

Happy Birthday. A true inspiration to a lot of people in MMA when he was in his prime.

Ken shouldve won UFC 1-5.

He found a way to blow it.

He always did.

voorhees - Ken shouldve won UFC 1-5.

He found a way to blow it.

He always did.

 lol, is a "happy birthday" thread really the best place to put this?

it's not as if he's going to be reading this and be personally insulted or anything

happy Birthday Ken...

I didnt know he was born 1 month and 10 days before me... I thought he was younger than me for some reason

why are you bashing him on his b-day? lol

Happy Birthday to a legend.

that purple cape is epic.

Happy Bday to the WMDM!

 I don't think Ken visits this site...