Happy Birthday Master Ricardo Liborio!

This man is such a great person! I feel a thread in his honor was worthy!

Show some Love people!!!! :D

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Ossss happy birthday! Phone Post 3.0

CanadianMMA94 - Ossss happy birthday! Phone Post 3.0
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Post some pics people. He is a MMA Historian and every one should know who he is. :) Phone Post 3.0

Not the best photo. Lol

http://t.co/RnV3fSEdJB Phone Post 3.0

Happy birthday. :)

He's a very nice guy when you meet him. Happy Birthday!

Met him with Italo. Real gentleman. Humble and respectful in every way and a in was an honour to chat and spend time around him.

Happy Birthday Sir. God bless. Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday!! Such a huge fan of his. I'm honored that my charity is going to be working with him. Happy happy birthday Liborio, wishing you an amazing year! Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday Liborio!

Osu!!! Happy birthday! Phone Post 3.0

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! Only got to meet him at a few Bellator shows. Great guy and obviously great coach. When a guy like Ricordo Liborio walks into a room and says something, u pay attention cause u know its a legend in your presence. Phone Post 3.0