Happy birthday, Melanie Chisholm!

Born: 12 January 1974 (age 46 years)

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facekicker4 - wasn't Donovan an average pro Europe player but in America hes the best ever lol.
top five EPL player when on loan to Everton Phone Post 3.0
Surely not serious.. Phone Post 3.0
yes. i would get up at 7 am most times to watch the matches. he was almost always man of match didn't matter If playing Man U or hull city. you pompous euros can get off your high horse Phone Post 3.0
What high horse? You say you got up at 7 to watch the games like it makes you an expert. The "euros" here didn't need to, meaning we could watch the sat early games, 3 o clock games, evening games, Sunday games and midweek games. All with minimal effort. I watch a lot of football.

Landon was not out of his depth, and done well. He was definitely top 5 for Everton in his first spell. Top five in the league? Putting him up alongside Fabregas, drogba, prime Torres, Rooney, prime Valencia, Gareth bale, Stevie Gerrard, frank lampard, vidic, Ferdinand, RvP? (Just off top of my head)

Nah, you are delusional. Phone Post 3.0

I disagree with your perception of my desires. It's purely a nutritionally beneficial thing. Phone Post

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