Happy birthday, Michelle Jenneke!

We’ll see

Why you clowns posting back to this Aussie piece of shit? Just block him and get over it. I’m tired of seeing people responding to this faggot troll. He’s playing you from a down under basement.

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Hows your mother’s jaw?

How’s yours?

How are you village tard?

You graduated from licking snozzberry windows to licking toads. Good for you little man (or girl).

I do shits that are smarter than you.

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Is that what your dom does to you?

Rowan Atkinson Attack GIF by Working Title

Post in English faggot

Calm down


kiddy fiddler

consider yourself doxxed

LOL don’t pretend you didn’t understand what I said.

Thread sux.

Jenneke is a smokeshow cutie pie.