Happy birthday, Remy Bonjasky!

Remy Kenneth Bonjasky is a Surinamese-Dutch former kickboxer. He is a three-time K-1 World Grand Prix heavyweight champion, winning the title in 2003, 2004, and 2008. Bonjasky has been known for his flying kicks, knee attacks and strong defense, hence the nickname “The Flying Gentleman”.

Born: 10 January 1976 (age 46 years), Paramaribo, Suriname

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When he hit Ray Mercer with a grazing flying head kick Ray shit himself and had to call it in and forfeit to give Remy the TKO via shitting the drawers.

Good memories right there

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His was a very unique version of the Dutch kickboxing style. Always fun to watch.

Always rooted against him when K1 was still big. All defense

One of the greatest standup fighters. Unreal offensive instincts and unshakable in his defense.


I remember that fight. It wasn’t a flying kick. It was a regular high kick that Remy seemed to throw as more of a range finder than anything. Mercer felt it and quit. It was undoubtedly the first time he’d ever been kicked in the head. I hope he didn’t get paid for that fight.

Nonsense as usual out of your stinkhole.

He has around 25 (t)ko’s in K1 but sure all defense.

Why would you hope Ray wouldn’t get paid?

I seem to recall it was typical Remy fashion and he flew that head kick at him it could have been a bit of a jumping head kick but regardless it grazed Mercer head and he immediately shit his drawers.

Mercer wanted to continue to fight but as soon as he realized he shit he bounced, he fought Musashi to a decision prior to this in another K1 bout Mercer was likely getting paid well.

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Here’s the fight. It wasn’t even resembling a flying kick. Mercer was a professional prize fighter and former world title holder and he turned tail and quit after a single glancing blow. I guess I didn’t realize you meant he literally shat his trunks. I hadn’t heard that. Still though, it doesn’t change that Mercer took one shot and quit.

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Yes you’re right, it’s just a bit of a hopping pivot head kick.

I’m realizing the kick I was thinking about was on Vernon White…
LOL don’t mind me…

Regardless that made Mercer shit his drawers and he quit.

When asked what happened with this incident Mercer simply said “I got the shit kicked out of me”

Yeah that was surreal in his blatantness. Gibz me dat cash…
However, to put it into perspective: Mercer ko’ed Sylvia several years after this bout!
This happened in 2005 and him winning against the best UFC heavyweight was in 2010 iirc.

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Yes and here in K1 we saw he fought one of the best in Remy and the Pride of Japan in Musashi.

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You’re right! I forgot about Musashi I looked it up- a decision which kinda proves me wrong, to be honest. So he had no problem to be punished by a proper kickboxer.

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Musashi was a very conservative, technical fighter he worked Mercer’s legs and still yes a decision for Ray.

Sylvia KO is actually epic seeing Big Timmy go down like that. Mercer taking out Morrison was also a highlight for the times.

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