Happy Birthday Shane Carwin!!!!!!!!

I know he started posting here and I just want to wish the big guy a Happy Birthday and good luck in your upcoming fight with Frank Mir. You gott be one hell of a guy for even Frank Mir to have nothing bad to say about you.

Bring home the belt on March 27th !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give Mir time,he will say something.


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 ^ whoa... how tall is Shane's wife?

^^^ IDK  looks about the same height as him so 6'2 I would say.

Bobby Lupo -  Happy big 4-0

or 3-5

Happy Birthday Mr. Carwin!

Best of luck in your upcoming fight, we're all rooting for you!

hopefully shane isn't working on his birthday.

MoonBellyNoCanDefend -  

Is that chick his wife??

Chuckfest - 
MoonBellyNoCanDefend -  

Is that chick his wife??

Yes that is Lani Carwin. I know he already won...