Happy birthday, Stacy Keibler!

Thats the best pic of Huma I think Ive ever seen.

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For sure.

Fuck that guy and fuck you too lol.

Don’t ever @ me again you cock.

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David Flair had her back in WCW. He wasn’t much of a wrestler, so he must have inherited a certain other physical attribute from his father.

@The_Regulator — need to let you know that Stacy has been downgraded to a 7 after review of her post-marriage/child-birth shots.

She’s an absolute 10.


C’mon bro let’s go back to when this was light hearted and funny.

To when you would pull the pump and dump on Keibler. That was hilarious you should tell us all again. Then you can post laughing gifs.

That was fun, now you’re just kind of bitter bro. Build a bridge and get over it.

@The_Regulator — 100% pump and dump. & if the bitch needs a ride home I’m going to hit her with the “hope you brought your cross-trainers!” line.

lol yeah.

Would you say that titties feel like a bag of sand?

Ssshhhh bro. @PumpkinSpiceLazarus will post a laughing gif on you.


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I woulda tried to put it in her butt.

She is as close to perfection as you can get. They say she is as nice as she is attractive.


Bro don’t you dare judge my Uncle George…