Happy birthday, Xenia Tchoumitcheva!

I generally think those high-end fashion models are over-rated - not the pinnacle of beauty, by a long stretch - but this here is an exception. DDG


She has nudes

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She prolly smokes cigarettes in the shower. She’s Eastern European.

Beautiful woman but screams high maintenance and borderline crazy.

Hit it, quit it and hope it doesn’t get your cell number off your phone while you’re taking a piss after doing the dirty boys

That type is so annoying to look at…meh! You all can have that one…nothing special at all, typical hoe trying to be a dime.

Yea. She’s pretty in the face but just slightly above average in the body. I’m no catch and I most certainly would any and every chance I got but she’s not overly special by any means. And she looks like she smells like a greasy Russian stove. Like all women should :rofl:

Grace Randolph?