Happy Holidays SBGi

Happy Holidays to everyone in SBGi.

2003 was our best Year yet.

The Gym as whole has grown more this Year then any other. We have welcomed more quality people, and training groups (51 at present time), without compromising in the slightest on our standards or ethics. And for this I really have to thank the SBGi Regional Directors, Tom, Luis, Adam, Rory, Paul, Karl, John, and Rodney. These guys are the heart and soul of SBGi, and I am blessed to have them as not only training partners and Coaches, but as friends.

I'd like to welcome the new Instructors, Coaches, and ATG's that have joined the SBGi family this Year. There are to many to mention, and I don't want to leave anyone out. But thanks to all of you, and welcome!

At a local level our Gym has prospered and grown more this Year then at anytime in the past. The enrolment, retention, and overall happiness of the students we have has never been greater, and I would like to thank the local Coaches Rick, Cane, Jai, Carlos, Travis, Morgen, and everyone else at PDX SBG for an outstanding Year. Starting in 04 Ken Alan will also be teaching, as well as a couple other Coaches and I know the PDX Gym will continue to take off.

Special thanks as well to Tom Oberhue, and Mike Chapman for there help this Year in all areas of SBGi, training, and business.

Finally, a big thanks to Fernando, our webmaster. He does an outstanding job of keeping the website going, and helping with all things tech. And Mike Adams, who runs the daily affairs of the Gym, now handles the merchandise, and deals with the day to day business of SBGi in a way that I am unable to due to my schedule. Both Fernando and Mike are a huge help, and they are much appreciated in more ways then one.

I am really looking forward to Spring Camp in March, and the great training that will be had with Chris Haueter, John Frankl, Karl, Paul, Adam, Luis, Tom, and everyone. It's going to be great.

So than you to everyone, and I greatly look forward to being in your company in 2004. There is no doubt in my mind that 04 will be our best Year yet.

Happy Holidays!
-Matt Thornton

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