Happy Holidays! Wildman Style!

Here to say I hope you all have a great end of the year with your family and friends! Thank You all for the support over the year!

Thanks to all my sponsors!

Thanks to all the troops fighting all around the world to give us our feedom!

Special Thanks to all my friends and family!

Thomas"The Wildman"Denny

Check out thefightgame.tv they came up and did a great interview and have some good video up.




Merry Christmas Everyone.

Mr. Denny- Thank you very much for the donated items for the St. Jude event. They will definitely help out. I appreciate it. Also you have some cool ass tattoes. How many do you have sir?

Fearless Goat

Fearless, anytime its a pleasure to help out.11 total tattoos pretty big though.

Packo dont get me started!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

packo,GO FUCK.Wildman was saying happy holidays to the men and women who protect our great freedom's.It's not there choice of what our gov. decide's to do.It's simple"Love It Or Leave it" BITCH

I like ponies.

Thomas, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and I hope your daughter has a great holiday. It's truly sad that even during the holidays, when a guy comes on here to offer his good tidings, assholes have to talk shit. Does it make you feel like a "man" to be an asshole all the time. Pay no attention to the internet cock smokers.

being courteous to another human being that's offering a Happy Holiday is "jockriding"? You have some severe emotional and mental issues, that require medication, counseling and neutering.

Hey guys Merry Christmas see what happens when I denie someone, I told him he couldn't constrict my Luv muscle and look what happens he comes on here whining and crying trying to hurt my feelings.....HaHa have a great day UG Bros.

The Wildman

Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones Wildman.


A holiday wish for the Christmas spirit,

friendly fans yell out their greeting,

does everyone hear it?


The level of fighter does not matter,

jockriding some say, kissing butt to others,

I say KO their fat head with a big freekin  hammer.



He was offering his glad tidings as a person, not a fighter and the "C" level trolls have to chime in with utter bullshit. Their parents must be proud.

"and neutering"

*hands scissors to Pilot*

8675309,you can suck a fat man's ass too!The point i was making was simple.Our men and women of the armed forces dont get to choose what country we go to war with or even invade.I dont support war of anykind @ anytime.However my uncle happens to be in Iraq.So i will support him and the rest of our troops and pray they come home safe.You see kid you missed my point so i will state it again......Wildman was trying to send holiday greetings to our soldiers they protect our freedoms @ all cost and deserve at the very least the respect of our holiday cheer w/out some asshole's talkin shit about what our GOV. does.

In closing if you dont like it or me(my screen name).Then tough shit and have a happy holiday.I hope santa brings you some good old fashion cheap American beer.

Momita,you are all class.You have done a great job raising Jeremy and my thoughts are with you and your family on this holiday.I can imagine it will be a tough one....

Lot's of faggotry on this thread.

usually the guys that talk smack on here have never fought in their lives, never stepped in the cage, and are masters at being a keyboard warrior. Their thrill in life is trying to hurt other people and bring others down. They get a drive out of seeing other professional fighters or people doing good deeds hurt and miserable from hurtful things. Doesnt matter if you are a class A, B, C, or whatever fighter. At least we step in the ring without fear and put it on the line. It is sad that it is the holiday season and the babies on here cant check their ego at the door for a short period of time. Thomas Denny is a class act in my opinion and fights with heart. I am not a jockrider, but just tired of seeing people mistreat one another on the UG.

Fearless Goat

Momita, a special happy Holidays to you I hope all is well!