Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone and may everyone have a great and injury free new year.

And here's a gift for everyone who does BJJ: Posture Posture Posture! The gift of Posture is the gift that keeps giving... Well unless you are the one using the guard.

happy holidays every one.

I know Xmas is the season of giving, and I want to salute a few family members who gave me awesome stuff:

-my parents sent me new fairtex 16 oz. gloves

-my future father-in-law bought me sprawl shorts and Darrel Gholar's DVD from Onthemat

-my fiancee secretly gathered pictures of me teaching, competing, and hosting seminars, and made them into a hardbound book encapsulating the first two years of my school.

I am humbled by the awesomeness of these gifts. The only way I can repay them (other than with equally thoughtful and sincere gifts) is to train my butt off with them and become "the man" in the ring. :-)

Happy Holidays!


twinkle toes,
you are a lucky man.

DUDE, I knew I was lucky, but apparently I had no idea. This is but one example of the wonderful people who surround me.

Happy Holidays!