Happy Mother's Day, Momita!!!!!!


I would just like to take this opportunity to wish the token mother of MMA as exquisite a monther's day as she deserves.

Remember that picture? I do. It was one of many times you supported one of many fighters here on MMA.tv, the way you always do. You're a very passionate and loving individual, and Jeremy is lucky to have been raised into this world by such a wonderful and caring person.

Having just lost my mother this last year, it's been hard to look at other guys that still have their parents and not be envious to some degree. Even then, when one of those mothers or fathers takes the time out of their own day to support me, urge me, or otherwise motivate me in any way... it's something special to me. As sincerely as I can say it over a keyboard, thank you for being the person you are. Jeremy's successes surely are due in part to having such an incredible individual behind him.

You're a genuine soul, and it's an honor to be able to wish you happiness and fulfillment on Mother's Day out of gratitude for how you've touched my life, and the lives of so many others in so many other places. Again, you are nothing short of extraordinary. We all love you very much.

- David Hojak

TTT for momita!

I want to wish Momita a Happy Mother's Day also!!!

Nice thread by Ghost.

Gary Hughes

cheers momita...hope you have a great day!

good call sinister minister...happy mother's day to all the moms out there

TTT Happy Mommma's Day to all you Mom's out there!

Happy Mother's Day Momittta!

Mike, in the far off corner, with the shining head is Bzob (Mr. Clean) Nancy (in the leapard shirt) is an old friend I coniveled into liking MMA, Dave has his arm around me (stringy long blond hair & really old) & then Adam Salas, aka Godfather.

Dave, thank you, you know I am proud of you!! Although I gotta confess, cheering you & the others on is what has completed me... it isn't hard to cheer for someone, those beautiful dreams & goals & then seeing everything they've worked & trained for coming together......... is the best feeling in the world, besides, you, Adam & Bzob & the rest are so much fun to be around..... 

I'm kinda here as a backup to remind you of what you already have "inside" you to do! I'm also beginning to worry I might have a fetish for those after fight sweaty stinky smells......

You may think you're mom isn't able to still help & guide you Dave, but she is...... a lot of decisions you make everyday are based on what she taught you, you know those nagging feelings before you attempt to change something in you're life, well, it's probably her way of reminding you she's still around & trying to be there for you. I'm positive she swells with pride watching you accomplish the goals you've set.....

I'll never forget how proud & glowing she looked watching you climb thru the ropes that night, I don't think she would have cared if you won or lost......... just seeing you make that grand entrance, ready to use your training & knowing what was in you're heart was enough to be proud of! And it showed.... :-)

And a BIG Happy Mothers Day to LawdyMama, whos been here longer than me, who can feed an army of fighters at the drop of a hat, who tells it like it is with flare, but still has a heart of Gold!

To all the mothers & wives of fighters who have encouraged them in their dream to compete, to not give up, to believe in themselves when no one else did..... Happy Mother's Day to you too!