Happy New Year From Wanderlei (pic)


Wand is the man!

I wonder what he'd look like right now if he didn't have that ridiculous surgery. Phone Post

I miss vanderleis face.

Happy New Year Wand!

WAR WAND!!!!!! Phone Post

voorhees - I miss vanderleis face.

me too

I think the real wandy is on an island somewhere with elvis,princess di,tupac,biggie and Bruce Lee and this is a lookalike Phone Post

Wish much success to Wanderlei in 2011!!! Legend. Phone Post

Happy New Face to you too

Wandy's house at xmas;

 Happy New Year Wand!

wand lost his appeal after all the smack talk with vitor... hang um up ol man - vitor will retire you!


Wand you are one of the absolute toughest motherfuckers to ever step into a ring. How do I buy the vale-todo vids? Phone Post

I hope he's listening to Sandstorm in that picture.

hahaha i hope he is too