happy new year to all


it's been ages since i've been able to log into here :-( crazy busy with work and family.

just a post to wish all and their loved ones a happy new year and hope next year is much better for you than last!

Happy New Year to you and yours buddy!

Happy New Year!

Now UPDATE what has become one of the best martial arts sites on the internet!

Tom Furman

Happy New Year


past few mo's i haven't been on, so i don't new info to put up, but i still have a lot of old threads. unfortunately some of it i lost cos my ext HD crashed, but i still have some i want to put up.

i've been so busy, i let my hotmail acct die :-(

i will start up my site again very soon, first i need to set up a new email acct LOL

i recall vaguely you emailed me, i don't remember exactly what it was. was it Gaucho-related? if so, i hope to find my friend's email so i can check for you - or maybe you already hooked up already

Happy New Year! :)

Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat!!!

Good to hear from you Hy! God bless.