Happy New Year UG

to you and yours


Arias shut the hell up with your sissyfied niceness before im forced to send you my KOTC stubb from the upcoming event at the end of January.

oh and Happy New Year...

Oh and TTT for KOTC Florida and "The Silverback".

I know u got other stubs!

dont hold out bitch~


Happy New Year!

You too, Arias.

I'll be in touch again soon.


Happy New Year to all........


Thanks, Arias!
I hope the new years treats you well.

Happy new year Arias.

thanx guys

Happy new Years dude!

Happy Happy New Years Arias, your wife & little princess!!! :)

Happy 2004!!!



news years eve was our 1 year wedding anniversary

lol...thank you!

...I had to wake up my wife for the new year countdown though!

But she did make me filet minon (sp?)..

and we ate our cake from last year!!!