happy new year's from Norway

Happy new year's to the MMA community in Australia.
Especially to the BJJ guys at UQ in Brisbane.Mr wannabe Playboy cooper,Mr omaplata Bennets, aaron,Big John,Grant.

Ken dunstan,tim,adam,Polesmoker COBRA and ofcourse dan in Melbourne, AMMO in Perth and JUstin Lawrence.

I have been back here in this freezing cold country.Looking forward to going to brasil for some months in February.

Train hard and party harder.



Happy new years to you as well mate.


Cheers Dag!

Thanks Dag, happy new years to you and to everyone else in Aus. Party on people!!!


how the lady boys over their?

Yeah Ben ,Sweden is close to Norway.Hot babes and chewing tobacco ,What more do u need.Atleast bring some heavy jackets and pullovers.I think u will love it.

KINGY, I have problems finding ladyboys here.Not as wide spread as in AUSSIE.I am going straight, pssss who am I kidding,Brazil next.

dag, good to hear from you. hey is that a bit of chewing tobacco in your mouth or have you not been playing well with others? that aside, hope you have a big new years!! (ie. find a nice ladyboy to kiss...stop stealing my material kingy! :p) ...i'll await your tales/tails of brazil! dont forget to take photos ;)

ps. adam, party on party people lemme hear some noise, dc's in the house jump jump for joy...


If it gets to cold you should try drinking. I know this would near break your moral fibre but down a beer or 2 and you'll be fine ;)


ps I been on the Wagon since Mid Aug :(

Happy New Year Dag, still coming back to Aus this year?

Has it warmed things up not Norway have the World Idle singing champ? :)

wait for the drunken slur regarding that gap toothed guy that won world idol!!


Go the Hobet! :)