Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on the Canadian UG!

I hope you get all the turkey you can eat and pie...always lots of pie...


I have pie in the oven now. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Dougie.

ps. I should be running by your house shortly.

I could definitely use more pie.....

More pie???? Details man, details. Spill it.

I just ate a whooooole lotta pie. I have a lot to be thankful for this year so I figured I might as well go hog wild. Happy Turkey Day everybody.

What do you think I mean dsc??? I could seriously use more Pumpkin Pie. I'm kinda hungry.

Get your minds out of the gutter

I was hoping The Canario was getting laid.

Then he starts talking about pumpkin pie?



Wait a minute, who said I wasn't getting laid??? Can't a man get laid and eat pumpkin pie at the same time???

Or a better question, Who am I trying to fool???

shaking my head

Let's get back to your homework shall we?

This isn't a safe place to discuss such matters. Who knows who may lurk these forums without posting???

Actually, I do know who lurks around the forum. That is why I won't admit to anything.

Happy Thanksgiving

More running for me in the morning, thats for sure! Happy Turkey day everyone

Hope you all had a good one.

as of tonight, I'm a welterweight =P


gobble gobble!

you and me both Chad! my scale is seeing new numbers!

I'm often amazed at how you can work so hard to bring your weight down...and in one freakin' weekend, a metric scale can laugh at you like you were such a loser.

My goal is to go back to being a natural MW, but I've been a HW since July. Recently, I've been a LHW, on the road to regaining my MW status.

I'm pissed to say that after this weekend, an italian stag on Friday, a wedding on Saturday, Thanksgiving on Sunday and leftovers today, I'm a freakin' heavyweight again...lol.

I think I'll have to be a WW come Christmas, seeing as I'll be blowing my diet out of the water again during the holiday season. That way, I'll be a MW when it's all said and done...:)

I hate scales...

Thanks Dougie!
That's very considerate of you! Happy Thanksgiving o you too and everyone else on the UG! Spanish people don't really celebrate Thanksgiving but this year I've decided to incorporate the two cultures and have made Turkey Tacos. Very tasty, still pretty high in protein and that way I'm celebrating the best of both worlds!

MMMmmm...turkey tacos!