Hard Times remake?

In this era of shitty remakes, I’d like to see one of my favorite movies done again, Hard Times. Preferably in a non-woke fashion.

Who would make a good Charles Bronson standin?


An underrated and often overlooked Bronson movie. Have been hoping it would land on Tubi at some point.

Hard times (2023)
A Netflix original
In the depression era of 2020’s America, A woman (Viola Davis) travels the country fighting in bare knuckle unsanctioned fights in order to pay for legal fees for her son, who was framed by a corrupt police force in Chicago.
Premieres exclusively on Netflix in February 2023.


Unfortunately, this is probably too close to true.

Mic skills

Mo betta:

Hard times and Death Hunt, two of my favs. I cant think of a single actor that could do it better than Lee and Charles.

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No remake that movie holds up James Coburn,Strother Martin and Charlie Bronson.

When you think of that cast, it’s clear a remake would be impossible today.

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They will give the lead to a black dude and fill it with anti-white and anti-straight wokeness. I will never want something like this to happen to any of my favorite films.

that movie was made with legitimate gritty human beings who also happened to be actors. Does that exist today?

Bronson was almost mid 50s in that movie, so there is a wide age range to choose from. Im sure brad pitt could pull it off. Would probably go to somebody like wahlberg though.

lol, yup. michael b jordan. and of course race factors 99% into his hard times.

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Motherfuckers stay the Fuck away from Hard Times!

It’s one of the best movies.

Leave it be!


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Hard Times (2023)

A Netflix Original:

In segregated 1950s America, a closeted gay man (Jussie Smollet) travels the country with his trainer and secret lover (Oscar Isaac), fighting in unsanctioned, bare knuckle brawls to pay for their dream bungalow in Mexico.

Premieres exclusively on Netlfix in February 2023.


No need to remake. The original is still great.

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They should just remake Fight Club and have it be be about an actual fight club without imaginary characters.

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I have the original on dvd. also had the vhs. this and any witch way but loose are perfect and don’t need to be redone

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Every Which Way But Loose is great!

Any Which Way You Can is just as good…maybe better!

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