Hard to be Reserve and a Cop?

I've just passed my Oral and I've gotten my conditional offer of employment pending a Psych eval and phyiscal.

I've always felt bad about the fact that while some guy my age were in Iraq and Afganistan I was in college.

I've been thinking I might join the Army Reserve or National Guard after I'm on the Job for a about a year. Right now I'm 26.

Now the Guard and Reserve has the 1 weekend a month / 2 weeks a year thing. But as a Cop I'll only have 2 weekends off a month.

anyone else have any experience trying to be a LEO and a Reserve / Guardsmen?

Is it workable or will it be unrealistic?

Many folks in LE spend time as a reservist or guard member. I recommend waiting a few years to get acclimatized to the job before you go in the reserves. It is definately doable as I know guys that are local, state and federal that serve in the reserves. Good luck in the process.