Hard work in and out of the ring - Gray Maynard

For anyone that cares and doesn't already know, Everlast is now making MMA gear and apparel and so they are also profiling MMA fighters in addition to boxers in their catalogs. In the most recent one, the Holiday issue, they feature a story on Gray Maynard. I wrote the story. The web version link is below. Thanks to Gray for his time and props to Everlast for getting into MMA

Hard Work In and Out of the Cage for Gray Maynard


hmm the link is very slow for me, I will try to check it out later again

WatchinMMA - hmm the link is very slow for me, I will try to check it out later again

yeah, i got sleepy just waiting for the page to load.

Got it no problem. Nice work Elias.

I think Gray is coming along nicely as a fighter, and I'm looking forward to seeing him continue to improve.

"I've changed things now to where I concentrate on getting better every day. If you take care of every day, it will come." TTT for this!


saw this in the catalog a while back.  Nice job Elias.

*edit mixed up insidemma and insidefighting lol


 Thanks Tom and Jeff!

To the others, not sure why you are having problems with the everlast site...worked fine for me just now. Loaded in about 4 seconds. Sorry for the delay though. Hope you enjoy the story when you do read it

TTT for Gray. Great fighter and super down to earth.

 For sure. He is down to earth and one of the best up and comers in a stacked division

Great article! Also, for people having trouble with the link, it seems to come right up in IE7, but neither Firefox or Opera want to load it.

 Thanks Ravenuse, glad you enjoyed it!

And thanks for the clarification on the speed issue there. Makes sense since I'm using IE7


 Thanks xakx!