Hardcore: Is mainstream bad for MMA?

 As the beloved sport of MMA continues to evolve into one of the fastest and biggest sports in the world, one can only think it's been treacherous, yet successful climb.

With the UFC coming off of the heels of what could be the turning point for the world's largest MMA promoition, a TV deal with FOX Sports. The agreement delivers four live UFC events a year in prime time or late night to the FOX broadcast network. A card scheduled for Nov. 12 in Anaheim, Calif., will kick off the partnership. The seven-year multi-media rights agreement will position mixed martial arts' leading organization on network television for the first time.

UFC President and frontman Dana White thinks the deal will launch the sport of MMA into the limelight, along with the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL.

"We live in a bubble in our [UFC Las Vegas] offices and take it for granted people know what armbars, guillotines and triangle chokes are -- nobody knows what this [stuff] means," White said. "We have to view [Fox programming] as if nobody knows anything about this sport, that people die in this cage. We're going to educate the masses, treat it like nobody knows who we are. I think our hardcore audience understands that's necessary." 

As I sit here writing this piece from the same stance White, just so happens to talk about. As a hardcore fan! (CLICK --->HERE<--- TO READ MORE)

Scary thought...

The UFC turning into WWE? I certainly hope that doesn't ever come close to happening.

I think if they go about educating the new fans the right way, it won't happen, but you never know...

Why is this even posted as news? Its one person's opinion which isn't even a good one at that.

Is manufactoring plots impossible? What about manufactored fueds or enimies.

Is learning to spell impossible?

The divide and pro's/con's between "underground" or indie and mainstream are universal in almost every industry.

BigBees - Is manufactoring plots impossible? What about manufactored fueds or enimies.

Is learning to spell impossible?

 I hope your own spelling errors were in jest. 

Every sport has a certain dramatic element beyond the actual competition that helps draw casual fans and others who would otherwise have no interest. Scandals, feuds, rivalries, exceptional trash talk. That being said, I think the UFC generates enough of its own drama without having to manufacture anything.

As the sport continues to approach mainstream, individual fighters will gain their own large followings, much like prominent boxers. Having a Latino fight a Brazilian on the first Fox card is a sure step in the right direction. 

Those weren't my spelling errors. That was a copy and paste directly from the article. Looks like it has been corrected. They still exist in the screenshot here:<br /><br />http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/351840/Is-mainstream-bad-for-MMA/

 They are just going to have to be careful with their matchups.  As someone who has tried to introduce a lot of friends to the sport, I can say that new fans do not like LNP. 

It feels like a Catch-22 for the diehard MMA fan who has been with it since before TUF reality series (or even some diehard fans who have come since then). Anytime something goes mainstream there will be a faction of heads who feel like the product went and sold out to appeal to the mainstream instead of its diehard fans. Let's hope once the people who view televised MMA cards spikes dramatically it doesn't create rule changes so that the mainstream can handle it. Look whats going on in the NFL these days. It looks like arena football the way more and more teams are taking advantage of the rules by going shotgun-spread every play. Can't hit the QB, can't hit 'defenseless' wr's, etc...

This is news? wow, hard to take anything you say seriously when you cant fucking spell

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Of course mainstream isn't bad for MMA how could it be. Manufactured story lines are however and will kill the sport and are completely unnecessary. The allure of this sport is in the fighting itself -- the pure competition between two highly trained athletes where the outcome is difficult to determine due to the diversity of techniques to finish the opponent.

this is turd.

Ouch, I sure as hell hope that English isn't this guys primary language. Even if it's not, no real excuse to publish something with spelling like that.

If this is a personal opinion, fine. But it could be a whole lot easier to read and understand with a bit of editing.

I can't even begin to take that article seriously with all those spelling mistakes.

 Not bad for the sport, just bad for the hardcore fan due to ignorance, for lack of a better term. I equate it to music. The underground kids (no pun intended) always pick up on the new thing right before it goes big. They know all the lyrics, the band members names, they go to every show. Then, the band gets their big break, and more and more people like them. However, these new "mainstream" fans talk about the band like they know something about them, recite the wrong lyrics, and fuck up the story about how the lead singer was (insert sad story here). It pisses the hardcore fan off, because they know all about the band, all the right words, and that the story the new fan was giving wasn't close to the story they knew. But more and more people keep liking the band, and more and more new fans (who really only like the band because it's the new flavor of the week/month/whatever) keep fucking up the stories and words, and that REALLY pisses off the hardcore fans, who in turn begin to resent the band. The band pays no mind, because they are getting bigger and bigger with way more fans than they ever dreamed of, and don't worry about the hardcore fans, because with the exception of a few that they remember, everyone is just a fan in general.

The sport is obviously the band in this scenario. Everything else is pretty much the same. People get way too vested and get way more involved than they need to be, rather than just sitting back and saying "I really don't give two shits if 5 or 5 million people care, I just really like this band". 

Edit: spelling error, forgot the k in "knew", lol