Hardcore/Metalcore Fans Check In

Glow On.
Yeah that’s them haha. That’s also the specific verse he sings.
New Regulate is different but the only comparison I really see to TS is that it has melody.

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Were unstoppable is amazing. One of my favorite records. Weird thing is im not into anything else from Blacklisted. I played a show with them back around 2006 and they were kind of shitty.

My friends band just released a song. Shit hits.

Not weird. Beat goes on was not good. Heavier/lonelier was good but not the same and then they were on one. I actually like the later stuff for what it is but it’s nothing like Our Youth Is Wasted EP

Disturbin tha Peace 2023 sold out in 4 hours. Can’t wait.

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Insane lineup. TUI and No Warning almost made me want to fly out to Baltimore

Whoever said they didn’t like new Regulate is gonna realllllly hate the new single lol.

I dig it though. It’s what Seb is into and I like him letting his freak flag fly. Guitars are a straight up Bad Brains song.

That lineup is fuckin pretty dope. Have fun dude.

I dont like the album. I heard the whole thing. Not sure which songs are the singles.

I’ve been listening to the new Cradle of Filth album again and this shit still goes hard.

Probably their best release and that’s weird to say given they’ve been around for centuries.

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I listened to it all the way through when it first came out. I have a show coming up but after that I might give this one another spin. I really fucking loved it. Everything felt cohesive and it’s the most death metal COF has sounded in years. It’s fantastic. Easily their best since Damnation or Midian.

New Darkest Hour stuff


This is a few years old but great nonetheless

Ah. Showed up in prime music as a new release. Just got into them after seeing them open for Shadows Fall.

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It’s their latest album. Check out Undoing Ruin, that album is wicked. So is anything by Shadows Fall :slight_smile:

Got the thumbs up to shoot DTP.
Missing Turnstile show in DC next week cause I’m flying out same day for girlfriends birthday.
Hope to catch the end of the tour in Atlanta or Boston.
Got some good shows coming up in Baltimore. Ekulu, Scowl, I forget what else.
Shooting AFI in November, super pumped on that.


Turnstiles coming in November. Deciding whether or not to go. Tickets are kind of outlandish. $35-$100 for GA and $535 for a seat.

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With a seat you cant mosh. By cheapos and get yourself up front. Fuckin Commercial Core fags!

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I fuckin hate it bro

I have to see Knocked Loose from a seat.

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