"hardening" my shins

i heard from somewhere that rolling my shins with metal or wooden pin can help me make it "harder". But i have also heard that it only kills the nerves on my shins and even harms me because i won't know when my shins are really hurt.
Does anyone have any advice on this?

Rolling the bottle/pin will make nerves dead. So you will be taking vast amounts of punishement and not know about it. Like i cant fight said kick the bag over and over, massage the shins with oil if you have some, continue again.

what kind of oil?


just kidding. Thai Boxing Oil

massage them with oil?

"oil" = Thai linoment.

I've used Tiger Balm too, it helped a little

Haeven its true you can kill the nerves. I have no feeling in my shin bones from doing exactly that. Looking back on it I would never do it again. Sure I may be able to push it that little extra in matches but I can tell you my injury periods are more frequent then anyone else I train with. And its not worth it.

Can I use Dit Da Jow?