hardest gi to grab?

what are the hardest gi's to grab? the hardest i have felt were a basic mizuno double weave (it was a few years old) and second was an old machado double. not to say the newer versions of these aren't as hard or harder to grab, just that i haven't felt them. all of the popular bjj gi's i have felt have aside from what i have listed have not been nearly as hard to grab as a mizuno double weave judo gi, but again i have not felt all of them, nor have i felt all of the double weave versions of the popular brands i have felt. the mizuno gi i am referring to was very difficult to grab the sleeve to even do an armbar or to do a collar choke on a non resisting opponent.

hck competition double

HCK collars should be banned from competition, they are so thick.

also comment on sleeves and regular material if you can, not just the lapel. thanks.

HCK double - I have one and it is really hard to grab. The HCK absolute is even thicker and tougher to grab. Cheesy, but they do give you an edge in competition.

sounds like the Mizuno Eurocomp

the mizuno ichiban!

like he's wearing a burlap sack...

SEISHIN...really tough gi with a weave that makes it very difficult to grab the sleeve-nice narrow sleeves-on the downside it is quite a thick gi.

HCK hot weather by far. Collar as thick as any, with the no weave slick thick canvas. Sucks for your partner/opponent.

HCK hot weather gis are banned from many comps I think...and didn't they have to change the cuts of their other gis to make them competition legal?