Hardest instr to get belt from?

WHich BJJ instructor is generally recognised as having the highest standards for higher belts? And also, which top competitors or instructors has he produced?



Rorion, Relson, or Rickson.

I've yet to hand out any belts. Nobody deserves one.

Tiger Shullmann.


edit: or Rockson

Rickson Gracie with out a doubt!

rorion, he wont teach you enough to get you promoted!

Interesting...I thought it was common knowledge that Ralph Gracie has some of the most blatant sandbaggers you'll see.

Rorian hands out blues very quickly...it's the black belts that you won't see him giving out. Rickson's standards are pretty fair from my experience with some of his students. Neither sandbagging, or promoted too early.

It usually takes a long time to get promoted between belts at Rickson's place. Going from blue to purple there seems to take like 4-6+ years (i.e., not counting the 1.5-2 years it takes to go from white to blue) for many guys, seriously.

I think Ralph Gracie is one of the hardest..

Jamie Cruz.......imo


mine. no wait, I just suck

Yes, I'm not sure I would term it sandbagging but Many of Ralph guys are blue for like 5 years. I mean I seen Ralph guys that were blue and when I started BJJ just recently go black and it has been 10 years I've been training.

I was with a school that I will not name. I won the ibjjf

Nationals two years in a row and every tournament I entered in between and still no promotion. Wen tto another school and the instructor thought it was a bit ridiculous

I've heard it's Relson, hands down.

Kesuke Miyagi