Hardest pound for pound kickers?

Samkor, Aerts, Dekkers has gotta be up there. Who else?

Kiatsongrit....put everything he had in every kick (his chin was terrible though)

Damn JJGirl,

What YMCA are you working at? I'm moving there.

Is that your picture on your bio page or some supermodel????

Wait a second, Why does it say your a male though?????

I just got punk'd I guess.

Apidej Sit-Hirun.

Oh, and Randy White.

I think I am the hardest pound for pound.

"Yup! I always laugh when MT newbies talk shit about guys like Roufus...as if 4 months of MT will enable you to walk through any Full Contact/American rules kickboxer. Rick is one tough mofo, but I beleive he also broke Kiatsongrit's jaw in that fight."

4 months training wont help you walk through people. But Kiatsongrit would have killed him had they been the same weight. Or just if the clinch was allowed

Will second the Kiatsongrit as the hardest kicker.

Seen Samkor live and he is strong as well.

I would put Mirko up there. I know he doesnt go just Kickboxing anymore, but he has put ALOT of guys on their asses with a kick to the ribs.

I'm female...its an old pic and I'm too lazy to figure out how to change my profile to female....interestingly enough your only like the 3rd UG'r to ask my why my profile says "male".....

yes JJGirl,

I pay attention to details. Still a nice picture. You did have me going there though.